Al Nowais Emirate Investments PJSC is an investment company headquartered in Abu Dhabi, UAE, that owns and controls a diverse array of subsidiary companies. Founded in the late 2008 by members of Al Nowais family, the group has evolved from a local business to a regional conglomerate with a successful track record of investing in multiple markets and sectors. Over the past three decades, AlNowais Emirate Investments PJSC has enjoyed significant growth and has become a trusted investment name in the MENA Region.

AlNowais Emirate Investments PJSC owns, controls and manages a diversified portfolio of companies which operate in multiple vital sectors, including: engineering and construction, oilfield services, healthcare, communication systems and technology, electromechanical and chemical industries, construction industries, real estate, hospitality and infrastructure projects. We make strategic principal investments in businesses in select industries that exhibit exceptional potential for growth and expansion. We originate, develop and execute large-scale projects in the energy and infrastructure sectors in partnership with leading players in these industries.


  • Our Step-by-Step Planning Process uncovers your unique needs and develops a plan that is designed specifically for you. From a young professional or new business owner just beginning their career, to the individual wanting to transfer assets in the most tax efficient manner at the end of their career, the professionals at Al Faj Emirate Investments PJSC are committed to being a resource throughout this journey. 
  • Our Ongoing Monitoring Process keeps you abreast of current market trends and changes in your financial needs. Creating a plan is the easy part. Reviewing changes in tax law, product designs and family and company objectives necessitates the need for ongoing review and potential modifications. The Al Faj Emirate Investments PJSC team stands committed to this. 
  • Our Commitment to Continuing Education and Knowledge - We draw on over 100 years of experience and continued commitment to advanced education through major institutions utilizing the skills learned.